Monday, 6 April 2015

7th April 2015 is ...

The laundry will be just fine in the basket until tomorrow.
You’ve got enough plates to leave the washing up until the morning, just this once.
No Housework Day is the one day a year you can just relax, forget those daily chores and do absolutely anything else instead. It’s a chance to indulge yourself with no guilt, no stress and no dusting.
You could celebrate it a little differently; if you’re not the person who normally does the housework, why not take over just for today to give them a break? Or if you have a neighbour who’s not as young as they were, how about offering to help out with chores this No Housework Day?
However you choose to celebrate, don’t forget to sit back and raise a (presumably dirty) glass to the kind soul who invented it!

Watch this video and learn the vocabulary: