Saturday, 29 September 2012

Englishmania is a turning point!

Did you know that two billion people around the world are trying to learn English? English represents hope for a better future because you are learning a skill that will change your life forever and make it brighter. Why is learning English important? English is recognized as the language of the Internet, scientific research, diplomacy, technology, business, communications and many other fields. It has become the MOST POPULAR second language in the world. Learning English opens the door to a better life! And you? Are you a good learner? Do you have to speak perfect English in order to communicate? Have a look at this video and have fun with English pronunciation.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Students, get ready to learn!

Have you already had a look at our English Bulletin Board?
Stop by it and learn with the tips!

English Bulletin Board - ESLaranjeiras
Studying and hard work play an important role in how well you do in school. But besides paying attention in class and doing homework, don't forget good nutrition, plenty of sleep and physical exercise!
These tips will help get you off to a strong start and ready to perform at your best all year long.

Remember all the keys to school success!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Are you an English maniac? 
Answer the questions and find out!

1- Did you speak English last holidays?
2- Have you been to an English-spoken country recently?
3- Have you read any books in English lately?
4- Do you usually listen to English music?
5- Do you sometimes buy English magazines or newspapers?
6- Have you ever written a love letter in English?
7- Are you a fan of the Royal Family?
8- Do you look great in blue, white and red?

If your answers are mainly "YES", I'm glad to inform you that you're a perfect MANIAC!