Wednesday, 25 February 2015

ST. DAVID'S DAY - 1st March

Harlech Castle, Wales
Harlech Castle, Wales

Learn about Wales

  • Wales, known to Welsh speakers as Cymru, is part of the United Kingdom.
  • King Edward 1st conquered the nation following the death of the Welsh leader in 1282, which eventually led to a legal union with England in 1536.
  • A feature of the warring factions of the Middle Ages is the large number of defensive castles built by nobles, which provide tourists with an insight into the torrid history of the region.
  • Self rule, in the form of a new devolved National Assembly, was won after the referendum in 1997.
  • Wales has lovely sandy beaches on the Gower Peninsula as well as beautiful National Parks, for example mountainous Snowdonia, which are justly popular with hikers.
  • Rugby is the National Sport, with the national team, drawn from a mere 3 million population, often excelling against the much larger nations of England and France.
  • Whilst famed for its countryside, the majority of people live in modern thriving cities such as Cardiff.
  • Saint David is the patron saint of this country.

Here are some words related to traditional Welsh culture:

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