Sunday, 3 February 2013

NEW ZEALAND DAY - 6th February

NEW ZEALAND is one of the many English-speaking countries in the world.

It is located in the south-eastern Pacific ocean and consists of two larger mountainous islands and various smaller islands.

The islands were first inhabited by the MAORI people.

Its capital is Wellington.

Capitan Cook brought the British to the islands in 1769.

This is the island of the endangered flightless bird, the KIWI, the HAKA (war dance), performed by national rugby players, Maori tattoos and bone-carving necklaces, Poi and Poi dancers.

It is also called WAITANGI DAY.

This holiday falls in the middle of the New Zealand summer so many people go to the beach or a concert, a picnic or a party.

There is a Maori language besides English.
If you want to say "hello", say "Tena Koe" !

New Zealanders are called "Kiwis".

Watch this short video about this beautiful country:

Now have a look at POI DANCERS:

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